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The future of empathetic design (Design Thinking) may arrive next year:


“It’s really important for technology to be humanized,” Dr. Breazeal said. “The next stage in computing, the next wave, is emotion.”

By placing an “intelligent” system in homes, she is hoping to transform the nature of computer-human interaction — from today’s systems using mice, keyboards, windows and touch to something that is more natural and mimics the way humans themselves interact.

Jibo also represents a model for robotics that is intended to extend or augment human capabilities rather than replace them.

  • It is a technology that uniquely infuses content with proactive intelligence and an “empathic” presence-link to design thinking
  • This enables new use cases and new opportunities for how we experience and incorporate technology in our life-a new look at behavioral analysis

“People think, feel, and act not just because of information, but also because of personally meaningful experience.”

“Technology needs to support what people need to be the most empowered to effect positive change in their life and for their loved ones. How we experience, think and behave at the intersection of our cognitive, social, emotional and physical capabilities.”

I sense a need to anthropomorphize this guy, but not sure just what character will emerge….