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100 Prototypes for One Design

Kikkoman Feb 2015

For some projects, the process of exploring ideas may benefit from sustaining an extended period of uncertainty. The instantly recognizable red-caped Kikkoman soy sauce bottle is one example. The designer, Kenji Ekuan, developed 100 prototypes over three years to come up with his final design, which combined an elegant and simple curving form with an innovative drip-free spout. It would be interesting to see the range of concepts and ideas developed and considered before converging on the final solution. Clearly a successful project, introduced in 1961, more than 300 million of the bottles have been sold and is on exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

Laser Cut Cardboard for Prototyping

_DSC9468What a great way to rapidly create components for a high fidelity prototype. Low cost, generally free, recyclable material that can be quickly and accurately cut by a simple laser panel cutter. Check designs for fit, interference, and develop better solutions with a real prototype that can be manipulated, adjusted, and evaluated by individuals and team members.