Monthly Archives: October 2015

NYT Virtual Reality

I’m a subscriber to the New York Times and recently found a small cardboard box with my morning paper. The box contained a folding fixture that holds a cell phone in the back and lenses to view a special stereo video format downloaded from the NYT site.


The first stories offer a very intense personal experience with the people who have been displaced from their homes by conflict, war, and terrorism. This is something completely different, a dramatic reframing of what we expect from news providers with traditional text, image, and video content. It is completely immersive with the ability to look about at all angles to examine and experience rich detail in the environment, the people, and their challenges.

I’ve been experimenting with augmented reality which I believe has many practical and useful applications. This however brings us deeply into individual lives and personal experiences in a way I did not expect, maybe even closer and more sharply focused that our regular daily interactions in our own worlds.