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Taking Imagination Seriously

Janet Echelman, Artist

After college, rejected from seven out of seven art schools, then pursuing ten years of painting, leading to a scholarship to teach in India:

Taking Imagination Seriously

Her story contains the following elements:

  • Scarcity (unexpected)
  • Transition from painting to sculpture, bronze casting (something new)
  • Opportunity (place and time) to see something already present in a new way (fishnet)
  • Combinations: fishnet + sculpture, borrowing fishnet from completely different field
  • Collaborate with a domain expert (net makers then aeronautical engineer/sail maker)
  • Mix domains (architecture, engineering, manufacturing, sculpture )
  • Time to research, experiment, design, test, and refine (years)
  • Something unexpected in the outcome
  • Evolve by adding new ideas to platform (Philadelphia subway + mist production) with increasing complexity
  • Develop new analysis and modeling tools and software

Janet Echelman