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Documentation Structure: Service Descriptions, Tools, Reference Materials for Client Use Only

Sales Planning and Project Services Summary

  • Six Steps of Engagement Model (Intentional Outcome, Time Limited Design, and Project Management)
    • Step One: Single Slide Project Brief Summary Template
    • Step Three-Tool Example: Estimation Repository Template
    • Step Four-Tool Example: Journey Mapping Activity
    • Step Five-Tool Example: Design Criteria Template

Additional Files

  • Project Housekeeping Checklist
  • Sales Playbook Example
  • Methodology Positioning Summary
  • Project Envelope Concept

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Sales Planning and Project Services Summary (Rev 3 Oct 2014)

A two page summary addressing context, unique value proposition, introduction to six step model, and examples

Six Steps of Engagement Model (Rev 14 Oct 2014)

A two page description at the next level of detail itemizing processes, tools, and techniques used at each step.

Step One: Single Slide Project Brief Summary (Rev 3 October 2014)

A single PPT slide template to establish a common understanding of the purpose, scope, timeline, stakeholders and more.


Step Three: Tool Example-Estimation Repository Template

A simplified tool for gathering data during WBS process to feed estimation repository.

Step Four: Tool Example-Journey Mapping (Rev 3 Oct 2014)

A write-up on the Journey Mapping process.

Step Five: Tool Example-Design Criteria Template

A template to develop design criteria for evaluation.

Project Housekeeping Checklist

In setting up a working framework for a team-based project, many “housekeeping” details need to be defined, agreed to, and established as standard structure for the project duration early on. The intent of this list is to offer a set of considerations, for a team to select from this list a subset appropriate for the characteristics of their project.

Reference Materials:

Example of a project outline to deliver or update a sales playbook

Illustrating use of planning and design tools and techniques.

One page positioning of Waterfall, Agile, Systems Design, and Design Thinking (Rev 14 Oct 2014)

A quick comparison of these domains offering insight into the value of each and why they fit together in the field of project management.

Project Envelope Concept

A graphic representation of exploring the design space from diverging through converging as a function of uncertainty.

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