Sales Project Design & Management

Facilitated Project Management (FPM) may offer advisory sales project and planning services based on best practices to create and sustain sales process change.

Sales Project Planning plays a crucial role aligning team resources with a competitive strategy and viable plan to optimize operational processes and consistently deliver predicable financial results on time.  Purpose driven planning will contribute to increasing sales team efficiency and effectiveness (productivity), innovative strategy delivering more customer value building growth and account control (competitive advantage), and better leverage of company resources and external partnerships (larger deals).

Facilitated PM’s  competitive advantage stems from a unique combination of experience and expertise: deep solution sales and sales management experience, professional project management credentials and expertise, and competency with structured innovation tools, processes, and techniques. We can help your organization build capacity to create and execute an innovative strategy faster than your competition, and deliver both operational excellence and successful change management.

  • Lead strategic initiatives to drive revenue growth and facilitate project execution with cross-functional teams
  • Provide enterprise-wide development, planning, and coordination of consultative sales processes, marketing initiatives, and other activities to execute successful competitive campaigns
  • Support re-engineering, streamlining and implementation new and revised sales procedures, work-flows, systems, and programs to deliver and measure improved performance of a field organization
  • Develop, share, train, and embed repeatable tools and best practices

Specific Examples Could Include:

  • Account planning
  • New leadership initiative detail planning and execution managegment
  • Channel partner planning
  • Sales enablement initiatives
  • Boot-strap new hires with tools, process, and resources
  • Contribute to sales training content
  • Facilitated workshops
  • External supplier management
  • Governance process and checklists
  • Develop comprehensive job descriptions with competency maps
  • Run lessons learned program, communicate case studies, and integrate best practices
  • Align solution marketing messaging to specific account strategy
  • Pilot design and project management
  • Process refinement and implementation support
  • Integrate sales and services solutions and align sales expectation setting for implementation readiness

To Deliver:

  • More competitive sales and account plans
  • Sales Playbooks
  • Deeper knowledge of client business leading to ability to offer unique solutions that contribute to thier leading strategic objectives
  • Process rigor and operational discipline
  • Achieve solution portfolio revenue targets by account or territory
  • Enhanced cross-functional communication
  • Stronger account relationships
  • Sustainable revenue by continuously innovating and delivering more value to the client
  • Deeper relationships between senior stakeholders with team and account executives

Our ability to propose or provide this or any service offering may require us to perform additional development work and preparation requiring substantial time to complete.