Organizational Change

Abstract: Field Organization Transformation Design Project

This is an initial model that offers a holistic vantage point to craft a specific plan that may be comprised of individual initiatives or cross-functional projects.  The purpose is to enable thought about scope, boundaries, interfaces, interrelationships, and prioritization, schedule, required resources, work estimates, etc. In addition, it is a framework allowing the group to look for gaps in initial thinking and ask for input from others. It provides a set of people-focused thought models/scenario planning: e.g., how would an inside sales process work, could it be successful alone? Iterative work continues with facilitated progressive elaboration to develop a deeper understanding of what can realized against goals with newly defined roles and processes and clarifying the optimum path forward.


  • Enterprise Solution Strategy-Enterprise business Strategy and Plan
  • Field Training Manual  – Marketing-Sales Alignment
  • New Client Relationship Model-The whole picture
  • Implementation Planning and Phases –Thought models/scenarios to examine
  • New workflow, process, and IT requirements
  • Risk Management-change impact analysis & ongoing processes


  • New Staff Roles-Job descriptions
  • Job Design-Matched to strategy and plan and culture
  • New Skills-What and how (develop vs. recruit) & refine
  • New Psychological Contract-current staff will experience
  • Changing role of sales manager
  • Changing roles of current functional positions


  • Sales training, collateral, resources, and tools
  • Shifting Gears-adapting quickly to the new conditions
  • Before Launch Checklist
  • Before First Sales Call-ready in depth
  • Future Ideas