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Formula Hybrid Project Management

The Formula Hybrid Competition is an interdisciplinary design and engineering challenge for undergraduate and graduate university students. They must collaboratively design and build a formula-style electric or plug-in hybrid racecar and compete in a series of events.

For 2015, the competition organizers have introduced a project management requirement. As an aide for teams to get started with project management principles and practices, Prof. Ed March of Dartmouth presents a set of short videos that provide a concise illustration of the application of project management tools and methodologies. If the field of project management is new to your team, this is a great place to start thinking about developing organizational capability and competencies.

Physicists Know Best


Physicists participating in a Fermilab forum recently banned PowerPoint for their meetings. Removing this artificial barrier, with a social norm that limits active participation led to greater interaction and exchange of ideas and information. With just a whiteboard, the presenter needs to carefully distill content down to a few key concepts that can be presented with pen in hand. Some structure may be helpful; for example, a few flipchart pages prepared in advance to summarize each section of the presentation and remind the group what has been discussed. How to fill the need for post presentation review material? A concise written summary provided as a physical or electronic handout, with depth and context vs. simple bullets.

Sustainable Competitive Advantage

Was the incredible story of the Oracle team coming back from an 8 to 1 deficit, to win the America’s Cup a result (in part) of their ability to learn faster (in a constrained time period) than their Kiwi competitor?

“We started this regatta slower than the other team but we ended this regatta faster,” Spithill said. “That was an incredible team effort. That’s really what won us the Cup.”

Volunteer, 1887 America’s Cup Winner, a similar scenario of learning faster than the competition?