Introduce Something New

This represents a shift from a traditional elicitation (BA/PM) role, to a design centric role leading and testing new ideas as part of a more comprehensive approach to project design.

A partial framework enabling the user/stakeholder/SME/team to contribute interactively to a more complete solution.

  • Simple poster model, “We’re thinking about this idea”, describe in 2 minutes as a high level concept with benefits to user and organization
    • What does the organization (commercial, academic, non-profit) value the most? (Test live with stakeholder SME-60 minute conversation)
    • Uncover other benefits not initially understood (Co-author)
    • Solution evolution
    • Experience user in context of their physical environment (Not a sales pitch)
    • Could be the output of an earlier meeting/workshop/design exercise
  • Visualization vs. words
  • Don’t take the time for a 30 slide power point presentation to start exploring ideas

(What is the next level of fidelity that can be sequenced and with what tools or technques?)

Card Sort Exercise

  • For very specific market segment
  • Large cards, physical engagement of participants (nice to have, distraction, good) on a table top
  • Small groups (a few people)-eliminate social/organizational impediments
  • Include some blank cards

A Different Approach

  • Collaboration: Working together within the current existing structure to achieve enterprise goals
  • Or create a new model/concept/idea and employ:
  • Co-creation: Surround a challenge with experts, how can we solve this problem or develop this opportunity together?