Desired Outcomes: Procurement Decision Making

As part of a supplier evaluation process, outline and review the implementation plan as a group before selecting a supplier.

Five step model

Summarize strategic and operational objectives

  • Confirm understanding with stakeholders and potential suppliers
  • Validate against Charter

Zero-in on specific and tangible deliverables

  • Simplify/summarize proposal so stakeholders understand exactly what is to be purchased, and relationship to objectives-executive summary format.
  • Clarity on scope, and how/when to address important out-of-scope work.
  • Does the potential supplier/service provider/consultancy understand long-term goals and strategy to leverage tools and processes? For example, that will be sustainable as staff and organizational change occur?
  • Have other related needs been identified to ensure scope boundary clarity, validate ranking, and where/how in future schedule they fit and will be addressed? Full stakeholder agreement in advance for these decisions to avoid a subsequent, “What about….”.
  • Decide what not-to-do and document.

Outcome over time: 90 days and one year milestones

  • High level dashboard to sustain visibility?
  • Develop success story to share
  • Is a PM needed to ensure schedule, resources, and quality goals are met?
  • Measurement or reporting schedule/ cadence

Roles and responsibilities

  • How/who will the organization leverage or utilize the new knowledge, plan, product, service?
  • Who has responsibility to do what when?
  • When will these tasks complete, and how will we agree they are complete? Definitions with metrics.

Identify integration points and priorities

  • Relationship to current process/technology platform
  • Relationship to subsystems or other tools that are currently integrated
  • Relationship to supplier systems and processes? Simplification?