Fit and Purpose

Scenario: Staff already busy; project experience may not be pervasive; confidence in outcome is good, but prefer strong; innovation is valued; quality is important; schedule is visible. Developing people and building organizational capability are key leadership goals. The project involves work that is:

  • Important and can benefit from an extra level of detail in planning.
  • New and can’t easily be accomplished with an existing organization process.
  • Driving change while sustaining ongoing operational results.

Fit: Organizations who may be operational in nature or not engage in project work on a consistent basis, may not have the resource capacity to easily undertake an important project, and can benefit from a finite amount of help thinking through and organizing their project based on good industry practices.

  • Valuable in cases where there is strong IP or competitive differentiation that needs to be leveraged effectively and implemented quickly to maximize opportunity and return.

Purpose: Increase the likelihood of a successful outcome achieving quality, cost, and schedule goals.

  • Build organizational capability and experience leading projects.
  • Ensure that a broad exploration of possibilities is conducted with a diverse team.
  • Capture a multiplicity of perspectives to improve requirements quality and reduce risk.
  • Application of effective techniques including Project Design Reviews with structured tools and documentation.

Solution: A resource with project management expertise that can bring “An extra level of detail and thought to enhance the strategic work of your team”.

  • Help select a set of tools and processes at the right depth that match the organization and project characteristics.

Approach: Focused on sustaining your team with full leadership responsibility and accountability; collaboratively providing skills and labor for sufficient process detail and communications. A lightweight model is potentially a match for the scale and complexity of the project and culture of the organization.