Key Tenents

Facilitator Role: Help increase team effectiveness through good process and structure; Responsible for process, not content.

Accountability: Your staff remains accountable for delivering the project objectives against time, cost, and quality metrics.

Small Teams: We, including the facilitator, are a team; start with a small core group for first meeting or two, then expand thoughtfully as needed.

Collaboration: Collecting a diverse group of thinkers from different backgrounds, skill, and knowledge is essential.

Relationships: Value shared interests over individual positions.

Depth: Create a planning model at the appropriate level of process detail to fit your project, goals, and culture.

Plan: Each meeting in advance; propose agenda items and confirm or modify.

Develop: A cadence of draft, refine, stakeholder engagement, repeat, for each work package.

Adapt and Adopt: Tools, process, culture, and ideas generated by the team.