Ideal Conditions

A: Challenge

  • The challenge cannot be accomplished by a worksheet, checklist or recipe.
  • There is a lot of data to work through efficiently.
  • The project could be at an impasse in need of re-framing or new ideas.

B: Interesting debate

  • Best accomplished by ensuring that multiple perspectives are found and explored.
  • When it is valuable to add experts from different fields into the project.

C: Flexibility and risk taking

  • Short dynamic activities by small groups

D: Top management support

  • Recognition of importance and uniqueness of a team

E: Positive supervisor relationships

F: Postitive interpersonal exchange

  • Team member interdependencies are clear to everyone
  • Test and validate ideas with other stakeholders who may not be involved on day-to-day basis.

G: Exceptional workspace; “Project Rooms” with visual space for collaboration

  • A separate space will help individuals in a group identify with the team
  • A large amount of data will be generated to fuel insights and innovations
  • The team will need a project space, physical and/or virtual (technologies?), a repository for discoveries, concepts, share feedback.
  • “Network Wall” with team member/stakeholder photos and short bios