Meeting Design

Meeting, Work Session, or Workshop Design:

“It’s all about meetings, and meeting excellence”, Tom Peters, October 2014

The work going to preparing the environment, setting the tone, inviting the right participants, a clear process, and well defined next steps is essential.

  • Carefully prepare facilitation artifacts, dialog structure,  and question techniques
  • Provide information and insight in advance articulating benefits for attendees

Definition – Clarify objectives with sponsor and identify participants and other stakeholders to be sure the scope and boundaries are clear and understood by all stakeholders.

Research – Engage with the participants and stakeholders in advance to gain  insight into their thinking, highlight issues, confirm strategy, and identify additional influences.

Preparation – Design the workshop agenda, process, create materials, and prepare an event guide if needed.

The Workshop – The workshop or meeting, lasting from an hour to a half-day

One example scenario is to focus the design process on solving specific problems for a distinctive role.

  • An abstract person or persona is created by collaboratively generating the defining characteristics of that persona, and capturing them in a place that the entire group can review and refine.

Workshop Dialog Technique: For reflection on ideas generated during brainstorming, ideation, decomposition, etc.

 One: “Compliment and Wonder” during group discussion of concepts and ideas.

  • First acknowledge the contribution and value of a participants suggestion
  • For an idea that needs development, in place of a direct critique, try a “I wonder if…..” approach.

 Two: Consideration Sequence-where to start when facing a board full of ideas and concepts.

  1. Concept-test for understanding and match to requirement
  2. Composition-clarity of communication, sketch, prototype, etc.
  3. Collections or groups [organization] to see trends or patterns
  4. Combinations-highlight those with potential to lead to new ideas
  5. Craft-select process best practices that can be captured

Documentation – A summary will be produced with 24 hours while conversations are still fresh.