Frogs on a Mouse Wheel?


Current university research has shown that even a brief stroll can significantly increase creativity. Studies have measured participant’s ability to generate more than 50 percent new uses for an object, and the ideas were both novel and feasible. Interestingly, walking improved the ability to generate creative ideas even when they sat down after the walk.

Unfortunately, there is no argument to be made to your boss to go for a walk outside in a nice setting, as the research seems to show that it’s the walking that matters to invigorate creativity, not the setting. The hallway, basement, or warehouse will work just as well.

Recently researchers in the Netherlands placed a mouse wheel in the forest. It attracted wild mice that jumped on and ran for.…fun? They hopped on and ran, off and back on again. Perhaps inexplicably, frogs also jumped on and ran or hopped, and even hopped on and off….frogs on a mouse wheel….creative amphibians?