Prototyping is about staging an immersive experience with a viable artifact that allows users/stakeholders to imagine the future more vividly with support from a knowledgeable facilitator. 

Prototyping is a very effective approach to increase the accuracy of feedback. Human beings have proven themselves to be very bad at accurately describing their current behavior and needs, and even worse as predictors of future needs. Traditional focus groups, surveys, and questionnaires consistently fail to provide reliable information.

  • Develop a rich client journey
  • Design a natural conversation scenario
  • Deep focus on details of each environment

This type of rapid low-fidelity experimentation to share ideas that can be grasped quickly by others is an essential process.

  • Telling a story, sharing a narrative that invites others to involve themselves in the experience
  • Start small and simple, not completely finished, don’t answer all the questions in advance
  • Visualize the concept with pictures, drawings, role-play simulations, etc.
  • Create multiple options, choices for stakeholder to select
  • Essential to have others validate