Communication Tools

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Lightweight Presentation and Sketching Tools:

  • Simplebooklet– A lightweight web booklet presentation tool
  • Sketchbook – A lightweight sketching tool from Autodesk with a free starter “express” version.
  • Mischief – A new (2013) sketching tool. Mischief is an excellent fit for concept sketches. Uniquely it has an infinitely scalable canvas, both by with and height, but also by depth. A concept can be sketched at a high level, and detail can be zoomed in and added at any level of magnification. Very versatile for storyboarding, concept sketch, persona sketches, etc. Needs to be used with a small Walcom or other tablet with pressure sensitive stylus.
  • Lightweight design application

Lightweight Design to 3D Printing:

Alternative Perspective Tools:

Information Presentation Tools: