Strategic Planning Template


  • Concise one-time four hour facilitated workshop to capture objectives and associated initiatives, and surface clarity on impact, integration, gaps, options, resources, scope, timing, and sequence.
  • Develop a deeper Systems Thinking understanding of how initiatives by function can/should be prioritized to deliver strategic impact on a major organizational program, and the importance of position/organization design to enable key resources to focus sufficient time to achieve quality results.


  • Team understanding and alignment of entire annual activity scope created on a single white board
  • Individual objectives can be stack-ranked by positive impact on organization if achieved (decide what we can and cannot accomplish)
  • Cross-functional relationships between objectives are understood and prioritized, and integration activities can be sustained
  • Resulting set of objectives are feasible and achievable in 12 or 24 month time frame and sustainable beyond.
  • Measurable where possible with time, resource, and financial or other numeric metrics.

White board heading structure:

Resources| Initiative| Functional Support| Gap| Outsource| Criticality | When| New Role|

Leading to quality dialog and development of:

  • Important action items (fewer, better, more specific)
  • Goal prioritization by function (top five in context of cross functional impact)
  • Role strategy and prioritization
  • Risk assessment and contingency scenario planning
  • Initiative decision capability and confidence including implementation impact assessment
  • Opportunities for simplification or consolidation of organizational design
  • New solution concept generation
  • Future visioning and strategy at organization (mission) and functional level
  • Change management discussion
  • Short-term communication plan