Project Vision

Project Design is central to evaluating the right strategy, process, tools, and skill sets required. It is also essential to deciding the broader context of a project. Is the goal simply to deliver a desired outcome on time, or is there a greater opportunity for the organization? What will the narrative be at the end?

_DSC4676_7_8We successfully delivered? Or we have a substantial story that tells how our organization is growing and evolving, how interesting it is to work here, and the many opportunities for the future. Is innovation an important part of the culture?

Does the project become an example, a case study for prospective employees, volunteers, donors, partners, clients to gain a deeper appreciation of the organization’s strength and purpose? Was the project a showcase for broad engagement, did it surface and capture unexpected ideas that led to tangible innovation? Can it be celebrated in public events, the press, and leveraged for recruiting? Does it demonstrate a clearly charted course to┬áincrease the competencies of the organization over time?