Website Example

 Website Example High Level Objectives Summary

Instead of a linear list of requirements, context is essential to give meaning to the WBS for the team.

Why does the organization or stakeholder care or value the service/feature/capability, and what is the impact/benefit (financial, emotional, societal) to the individual or organization? By mapping objectives to project deliverables, with a validated articulation of impact forms the foundation for informed ranking or prioritization. Low value scope-creep feed by the inherent nature of stakeholder collection or elicitation can be exposed early in the process. Impact Mapping shows the team a visual chain of reasoning that led to defining a deliverable. This allows transparent examination of decisions at the start, and baseline to re-evaluate each as new information becomes available during the execution and monitoring phase.

Structured by stakeholder community with associated value-proposition, this is a non-graphical form of Impact Mapping, and a starting point for further design work with personas in each category.

For  community:  Residents and visitors see value and think to visit our website throughout the year

  • Provide current information on events and activities:  Universal access and communication
    • Full support for mobile phones, tablets, etc.
    • Social media links integrated
    • Easy-to-read calendar (Outlook/Google calendar integration)
    • Ability to join/update newsletter mailing list (MailChimp/CC integration) on-line
    • Keep site up-to-date with accurate information throughout the year
  • Public readily able to participate in activities and events:  A rich set of easy-to-find information
    • View/download brochure, schedule, guides, programs, forms, maps, etc. (Details on everything)
    • Modern event registration (Eventbrite or similar service)
    • Live chat window
    • Town information for visitors from out of town including places to stay; help visitors plan a trip; leverage Chamber and other resources (partnership opportunities)
    • Detailed event venue descriptions, maps, suggested walks and itineraries
    • Automated password recovery process
  • Celebrate contributions to the local community:  Communicate our value and impact
    • Organization Purpose
    • Illustrate scale with metrics: # volunteers, # events, # exhibits, history, etc
    • Business impact, quote from local businesses?
    • Current (year) photos and videos of recent events

For our volunteers:  Clear and crisp volunteer engagement experience

  • Promote and facilitate volunteerism: Create a sense of opportunity and line-of-sight for success
    • Provide a volunteer page with job descriptions and current open volunteer positions with associated contacts
    • On-line volunteer registration enabling documentation of interests, skills, and experience for volunteer roles with Festival
    • Training resources and best practices guides for new volunteers
    • Program for our local school volunteers
  • Celebrate volunteer work, stories, examples of individual and team success, news, innovation, length of service, etc
  • Statement of our Value System

 For our supporters:

  • Promote and facilitate financial support:  Ease and simplicity with modern tools
    • Articulate how essential contributions are to operations and how funds are used
    • Recognition levels and programs
    • Accept donations on-line both on laptop/desktop and mobile devices
    • Support sponsorship development: sponsorship program information, sponsorship kit, etc
    • On-line storefront to sell logo merchandise
  • Web-based artwork donation form for Art Auction with automated confirmation, thank you, and request to share information and promote the Auction with friends and contacts
  • Special area for our mailing supporters
  • Celebrate key financial contributors

For our business community:  Make the organization easy-to-work with

  • Engage key community stakeholders including businesses, town resources, other non-profit organizations and public
    • Facility for sponsorship visibility
    • Information on opportunities with important events
    • Active links on our site to participant business pages
    • On-line sign-up/express interest/contact me now

For our artists: Demonstrate active support for our artists

  •  Provide resources to support current and recruit new artists:
    • On-line Artist Registry sign-up and administration
    • On-line quick-and-easy web forms for exhibit sign-up and registration (with integrated payment as needed)
  • Integrated contact support by function, not just general mailbox, e.g. vp volunteers, vp events, vp development, etc.
  • Support for music series
  • Narrative pages on both recent artists and long time contributing artists

For our web team members: Dynamic environment encouraging collaboration and initiative

  • Provide site reporting information to web team and board
    • Google Analytics
    • SEO strategy
    • Reporting on other integrated services including financial contributions, new volunteer sign-ups, registered artists, etc.
  • Content management model: Easy to bring new volunteers into the process
    • Support multiple content managers (team)
    • Support consistent branding and identity management
    • Content repository and sharing functionality for images, documents, video, etc.