Why is IOT relevant to Project Management?

It’s because the Internet of Things (IOT) is the future of products and services. Objects become avatars for services that can be updated, improved, and changed continuously.

Imagine if every industrial device, municipal machine, home, car, and appliance is instrumented with a connected sensor, and can respond to remote commands from an automated system based on real-time analysis of fantastically large amounts of data collected and integrated from many sources.

These objects will be able to behave based on large amounts of interrelated, context-aware, and pattern-based data in a predictive and personalized fashion. This is certainly changing product & service design and development, and implementation and management. Adapting current and pioneering new project management methods will be needed to successfully lead this rapidly evolving transformation of the world economy.

We will see dramatic change in every industry from automotive, insurance, health care, retail, and more impacting our lives in complex and likely unexpected ways.